The best things come in small packages…


Funny how when you’re not writing, big fat envelopes stuffed with imagined goodies can be quite exciting, but when you have lots of short stories out in the big wide world, nervously trying their luck in the slush piles of various magazines, you come to appreciate the arrival of a small, slim envelope in the post.  Because a small, slim envelope is likely to be that most precious of things: an acceptance.

Lo, today in the post I had a cheery letter from David Howarth at Park Publications, accepting a story for publication in a future issue of his Debut magazine for new writers.  What’s most exciting is this is my first attempt at a Sci Fi piece – not my usual genre at all, but something I wrote for my local writers’ group – an attempt at pushing the boundaries/exploring beyond my comfort zone etc.  And apparently, it has paid off.   Once again, I find myself indebted to the writers’ group for making me tackle something I wouldn’t usually do.  Thanks guys. 😉


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