Technical hitch delays good news!


Apologies for the lack of recent updates on this blog – the result of a slight technical hitch.  Dropped my laptop just before Christmas, and it’s currently with the techy-people who are trying to get all my data off my damaged hard drive and repair everything.  So hopefully in a week or so, I’ll have it back, but for a while, it’s been borrowing or back to pen and paper.

And somehow, during this time, I’ve managed to lose an initial email from Jill Finlay, fiction editor at The Weekly News, letting me know they’ve accepted A Piece of Cake for the 14th Jan issue.  Fortunately, Jill emailed again (probably astounded I’d not replied immediately!) and let me know last week – so, I whizzed into town and bought a copy.  Really pleased, because whilst this isn’t my first recent acceptance, it is the first time I’ve seen a short story of mine in hard copy print for a (a-hem….) number of years.

Feels slightly odd that people I know have gone out and bought a copy and read it.  Funny how you think of ‘your readership’ as being anonymous people – not friends and family!  I share lots of unpublished stories with friends, but this is the first published piece for a long time.

A long way from earning a living yet, but at least it’s a step in the right direction!  😉


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