Like buses…


Nothing of interest happens for days and days, and then two things occur on the same day!

First, the February issue of Debut comes through the letterbox, which includes ten short stories – the last of which is my Sci Fi attempt, ‘Eternally Grateful’.  I’ve only had chance to read half of the stories so far, but I doubt there’s any danger of my making the top three and winning any prize money.  Still, it’ll be very interesting to see the reader comments in the next issue.  The three magazines from the Park Publications stable (Debut, Scribble, and Countryside Tales) are a great outlet for the more quirky short stories which don’t tend to fit the bill for the mainstream women’s magazines.  Find out more at:

And then I opened my email only to find one from Shirley Blair at The People’s Friend saying she was really sorry but ‘An Unlikely Muse’ had appeared in the Spring Fiction Special published 16th Feb, and she’d forgotten to tell me.  Will have to nip to the local shop to see if I can find one.  Failing that, I can get some back copies from the Sales Department apparently.

So just when things were looking a bit quiet on the writing front, it’s good to finally see some of my fiction in print.  😉


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