Self-publicity for beginners!


When my local writers’ group picked Sci Fi for one of our monthly themes, I have to admit, my heart sank.  I’d read a little bit of Science Fiction for one of the modules in my degree course, but it certainly wasn’t my chosen favourite genre.  Still, one of the beauties of the writers’ group is being encouraged to push your boundaries, and so I ended up writing ‘Eternally Grateful’ which has since appeared in Debut magazine.

When I heard that Ether were running a Sci Fi and Fantasy short story competition, I contacted them to check if previously published stories were eligible for entry (yes) and also checked with David at Debut that there were no restrictions on my offering the story elsewhere.  I uploaded the story to the Ether site, and thought that was that.

But no!  In order to officially enter the competition, you have to link up to the competition’s Facebook page.  So I had to join Facebook – eek!  Funny, have been blogging, and signed up to Twitter for a while now, but I’d always avoided FB.  So, that was the first stride into the unknown.

Next, a post on FB gave us an example of a teaser trailer for a short story on Ether. I thought, I fancy doing one of those.  So, onto Windows Movie Maker (how long have I had this laptop and never looked at this?).  A few hours spent figuring out how the thing worked, and brow-beating my long-suffering husband into helping me with some filming, and lo, I’ve made my first trailer.

All this boundary-pushing from one short story…who’d have thought?! 😉


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