Last 48 hours of the Ether Sci Fi & Fantasy Comp


Well, the Ether competition is drawing to a close, and ‘Eternally Grateful’ isn’t giving the top entries too much concern at the moment.  But I’ve learnt a bit about publicity during this comp – about making teaser trailers, and posters and so forth – things I’ve never thought of doing to publicise work before.  So it’s been one of the most interesting story competitions I’ve been involved with.  Mostly you just send in your entry, and forget about it.  Not so with Ether.  It’s all very hands-on!

So, my last plug: if you fancy reading a FREE Sci-Fi story this weekend (if you have an iPod/iPad/iPod touch) download the FREE Ether ‘app’ – from:   Then go to the ‘Genre’ tab, then to ‘1st Sci-Fi and Fantasy’ and then scroll down to ‘Eternally Grateful’.

And you can watch my homemade trailer on YouTube:

Thank you!  I’ll be……yeah, yeah – you get it….  😉


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