Another e-outlet for short story writers


As you may have gathered, I quite like the proliferation of e-zines, fiction download sites and so forth which are springing up on the internet. OK, the pay is usually poor (or non-existent), and the quality not always top-notch, but they do provide another short story market of sorts to help supplement the dwindling paper-based outlets.

The latest I’ve come across (thanks to – an excellent source of market news) is  They provide short story downloads for a very small fee – approx half of which goes to the writer in royalties.  They seem to cover most genres (including children’s stories) between 500-15,000 words, and there’s a facility for readers to give a star rating to each story.  I don’t know how many downloads they actually sell (some of the stories have a rating – so someone has downloaded them), but I’m sure time will tell.  They’ve just accepted one of my children’s stories, and I have to say, the submission, approval and contract process was the smoothest and quickest I’ve ever encountered (we’re talking hours/days rather than weeks/months!).

So, if (as I would) you’d prefer to see your work out there and available to purchase, rather than stuffed in a drawer gathering dust, might be worth a look.


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