A Watched Pot Never Boils


I should stop waiting for the postman.  And I should definitely stop rushing to collect the post when he’s been.  Maybe if I was more relaxed about the whole post thing, something nice would turn up in it!

But it’s so hard!  I have four or five short stories out in the big wide world at the moment awaiting judgement from various editors.  A couple were posted off months and months ago, so I keep thinking “any day now…”.  Not that I expect a bounty of acceptances, and I do appreciate that editors are extremely busy people, but a response from any one of them would be nice.

I suppose no news is good news – I at least still have the hope that they’ll be accepted.  And nowadays it’s usually rejections that come in the post, while acceptances tend to be via email.  (So I check email three hundred times a day as well….!)  And, of course, I’m getting on with writing new stories while I wait.  But it does just illustrate that amongst the many attributes required by the writer, patience is key!

No post for me again this morning, and my Inbox is empty, so back to the writing.  Sigh. 😉


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