Submission Black Hole


I think I’m quite a patient person.  And if I wasn’t initially, writing has forced me to be so.  You may remember some time back I blogged about “watched pots” and waiting for the postman?  Would you believe I’m still waiting….?

Now, I know no-one asked me to write these stories and send them out.  No-one requested I join the hundreds of other writers out there sending in submissions, and adding to the (presumably already mountainous) slush pile at various magazines around the country.  But I think waiting over six months for a reply in some cases is just a bit mean.

I could take it as a positive since in the past the rejection letters have come much faster.  But it could also mean the damn thing has just been lost in the post and I’m waiting for nothing.  I’ve even, in one case, sent a follow-up enquiry email – and had no reply to that either.

Believe me, I do realise that editors must be swamped with unsolicited manuscripts, but some kind of response, just a “sorry, please bear with us” email would do.  Just so I’d know my story hasn’t been sucked into an editorial black hole…  Is that too much to ask?

The post has been and gone today – no acceptances, no rejections, no nothing.

I’ll keep checking my email….


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