Short Story Outlets – Support them or they will die…


If you’re interested in writing short stories, it follows you should read a lot of short stories, to explore what other people in your chosen genre are doing, and if nothing else, to see what you’re up against.

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I love that technology has given short stories a boost.  The proliferation of online publishers such as and mobile apps such as (allowing short fiction to be downloaded directly to your phone) means a resurgence in our love for the short story.

But let us not forget the hard copy magazines out there.  They’re having a tough time of it recently.  David Howarth at Park Publications took the decision last year to bring two of his three magazines, Debut and Countryside Tales, to an end – now he is putting all his energies into Scribble, and let’s hope this means the continuation of a great small press outlet for new fiction.

Jo Derrick from The Yellow Room fears for her magazine’s long-term future in hard copy.  She says, “Due to the ever rising costs of printing and postage, I don’t think The Yellow Room will survive as a print magazine.  I think I will either go to e-magazine publishing whereby subscribers have to pay to view all the content or keep it web-based.  A very difficult decision and sad news, but that’s the way of the world in 2013, I guess.”

So if you want to keep these outlets open, the message is, subscribe now.  To order a copy of the latest issue of The Yellow Room, visit the webpage – let’s do our best to keep another small press fiction magazine alive.  🙂


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