When can I quit the day job?


Open any how-to writing book, or scroll through the comments on any writing related website, and you’ll soon be disabused of the notion that there’s any money in writing – well, for us mere mortals, anyway.  For every J K Rowling (who seems to be the benchmark now for high earning authors!), there are millions of wannabes struggling with little or no income.  Care to guess at which end of the spectrum I sit?!

Not that it matters much.  Other than the need to eat etc.  Writing is a compulsion – I’d do it anyway.  But I’d rather be paid – even if it’s only a tiny bit!  I’m certainly not hankering after a six figure deal (probably just as well!).  A three or even four figure fee would be an achievement in itself!  And you have to be realistic – it’s not as though anyone asked me to write.  If I was in any other industry, I wouldn’t expect to be paid for carrying out some work before I’d been contracted to do it.

Until I reach the wonderful state of being able to earn a regular (or even decent irregular) income from my scribbles, I still need another source of income.  This leads me to ponder what extra jobs other writers undertake to keep the wolf from the door.  There’ll be many who teach creative writing, or carry out editing duties, or who ghost write for others.  If anyone has any more unusual or even bizarre examples, I’d be interested to hear them.


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