Local Bookshops Supporting Local Writers


Visited our local independent bookshop this morning.  It has recently moved premises so as to be more central for the town, and it’s the first time I’ve been in the new shop.  Was very pleased to see a shelf devoted to local authors.  There were only a handful of books on offer, and one or two were disappointingly amateur in their presentation (covers where the text of the title was set too close to the margins so had been partially cut off etc).  But so good to see a local presence anyway.

Something to think about for us budding authors – your local bookshop might be just as good an avenue to explore as the likes of Amazon and co when seeking a viable outlet for your work.  And in any case, we (as readers) should support these local independent bookstores, if nothing else so that there is at least variety, and somewhere you can go and really – not virtually – browse!


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