Liebster Award…help!


Blogging friends, I need your help.  Wendy from has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Now, according to the rules of the award, I must nominate 11 other blogs which I feel worthy of the award – but they must be blogs with under 200 followers.

My question, learned bloggers, is how can I be sure how many followers a blog has?  On the list of blogs that I follow, WordPress gives me a number of followers for that blog, but I am confused by this figure, given that blogs I know have a massive following sometimes have a very low number of followers according to the list.  Does that mean WordPress only counts the WordPress followers, not the Blogspot followers and so forth?  Some of the individual blogs themselves have a number of followers listed on their pages, but some don’t.  So how can I be sure?  I don’t want to offend someone by nominating them for the award when in fact they have 6,000 followers I don’t know about!

So, a) if you know of a foolproof way of checking the number of followers per blog, please could you let me know, and b) if you have a blog with fewer than 200 followers which you think I might have missed, please send me a link.

Thank you! 😉


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  1. I was always acutely aware of the tiny number of people who had ‘liked’ my blog on Facebook, and this showed up in the box I included on the page. So that’s one way to gauge how many people actively follow a blog.

    Certainly when I linked from the ‘Songs Heard On Fast Trains’ FB page to a new blog post it always generated traffic. But never quite enough!

  2. Thanks, Mike. I’m just thoroughly confused when, according to WordPress, a blog I follow is supposed to have, say, 4 followers, when I know it’s really well supported and kazillion of people follow it! Tis a mystery to me…

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