Good things come to those who wait…


Patience and perseverance are two essential qualities for writers.  And so it is with joy that I have finally had an acceptance from Woman’s Weekly for my story “Five Per Cent”.  Am absolutely delighted, as I’ve been trying to place something with WW for ages, with nothing but standard rejection letters to show for my efforts.  It just goes to show, you have to keep on trying.

Interestingly, WW say they’ll send a complimentary copy of the issue in which my story is published – which is a nice gesture. Some of the other national magazines where my stories have appeared haven’t tended to do this, meaning you’re in danger of missing your own publication.

I don’t know whether other writers for women’s magazines would agree, but from my limited experience, I’d say you had more chance of an acceptance if you sent your story directly to the fiction editor rather than to the general submission address given by the magazine.  This has been the outcome in at least two cases for me.  It’s not surprising, I suppose, given if you’re an editor, you’re likely to look more favourably on someone who bothered to find out your name and done some research into the magazine.  Maybe the general submission address is a self-fulfilling slush pile?

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  1. Well done, Jenny! It’s great to have a story in WW it took me a while to have one accepted by them too. I agree – it is always best to send stories to the named editor.

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