New issue of “Scribble” out now


My copy of the Spring 2013 issue of Scribble magazine arrived in the post this morning.  Sixteen short stories, plus an article on writing, plus details of forthcoming competitions, plus feedback and comments on all the stories from the previous issue – all in eighty-odd pages.  It’s a great magazine for short story writers – not only because of the feedback element (which personally I think is priceless) but also because it allows you to explore a wider range of genres, themes and subject matter than you might if you confine yourself to the women’s magazine market.

I’ve not yet managed to get a story of my own in Scribble (though I did manage one in each of its now deceased sister publications, Debut and Countryside Tales), but I keep trying.  In the meantime, I love reading all the other stories, admiring engaging narrative voices, and pithy descriptions, and continuing to be amazed by the diverse subject matter on which people choose to write.

Scribble appears quarterly (next issue is out in June) – each current issue is £4.50, but back issues are free, and an annual subscriptions is only £15, additionally allowing you free entry to all Park Publications’ competitions.  A bargain, I think.

If you would like to subscribe, check out the Park Publication website for further details:


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