Ether Books app available for Android…


Today sees the Ether Book app launched for Android – it should be available in the Google app store now.

Ether says, “If you have a smartphone device with Android v2.2 or higher, you’ll be able to download the new Ether app for free from the Google Play Store.  There’s a ton of new features we’re excited to share, including writer review pages, discussions, and recommendations. You can follow your favourite writers and get directly in touch with your readers.”

For Android users, this means finally joining those users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in being able to access a great range of short fiction downloads – many for free.

And for us writers with stories currently available through Ether Books, this means a whole new set of potential readers. [Unashamed plug: my short story for young adults, Snowball, and the Circalit Short Story Challenge winner, Out of her Misery are both available through the Ether Books app ;-)]  So, a big thank you to all those hard-working people at Ether who have been busily working away on the app, and the user testing.  Let’s hope it proves to be a great success.

To find out more about Ether Books, go to their website: or, if you’re the tweeting type, follow them on Twitter @etherbooks.


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