Great Fiction? There’s an app for that! Ether v2.0 out now


The Ether Book app, long available for iOS devices, has been revamped and the new version has been officially released this week.  Having recently released an Android version of the app, Ether is now available on most devices, and so all of their short fiction should now reach a much wider audience.

The new version of the iOS app has lots of new features and does look rather smart – though perhaps not quite as easy to navigate as the old one (or is that just me being a bit dim?!).  There are hundreds of stories to browse, many are free to download, and the remainder are available for just a few pence (including one or two of my own – shameless plug there!).

I’ve recently downloaded the apps for both Kobo and Kindle onto my iPod Touch, so I now have a whole range of eFiction to read.  Initially I was sceptical about the reading experience on a screen – and I would still much prefer to settle down with a hard copy of a whole novel – but shorter fiction does excel on the hand-held screen.  I also find I’m reading all sorts of genres and styles and authors I’d be unlikely to encounter in hard copy format.

By the way, Ether have also launched their own blog which will feature guest posts from a range of their authors, so might be worth a browse when you have a few moments.


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