My Woman’s Weekly Debut!


Very excited to have just received my complimentary copy of the current WW Fiction Special.  Not only is this the first time I’ve appeared in a Woman’s Weekly publication, but also it’s the first complimentary copy I’ve had from one of the “big” magazines – so thank you, Woman’s Weekly.

I also have quite a soft spot for this particular story – “5%“.  It started out as an exercise for my local writing group.  The theme was “disguises”, to be interpreted in whatever way you wished.  I have no idea why, but I immediately had the idea of a little boy dissatisfied with his costume for the school play, and his mum not really having time to make the costume any better because of her work commitments.

I wanted to explore the idea of disguises in the wider sense.  I’ve often felt in various work roles that I’ve been putting on an act – pretending to be the perfect person for the role I’m in, but worrying that the real me will show through the disguise.  Do you remember that TV series “Faking It” where people had a month to learn a new skill or role before being assessed by a panel of experts who would try to pick out the person who was “faking” from a group of three or four?  Well, I think a lot of life can be like that.

In the story, the heroine realises it’s not just her son who is in costume – she too wears various disguises, to the extent that she begins to wonder who she really is anymore.

If you get a chance to read it, hope you enjoy it, and any constructive comments will be gratefully received!  🙂

WW May 2013  5%


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  1. Well done, Jenny, on getting your story published in WW – it obviously didn’t have a ‘Well Worn Theme’ (if you’re confused, see my blog post 29 April.)

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