The Curse of the Folded Envelope


Returned home today to find a dreaded brown envelope lying in wait for me.  You know the type I mean: it’s A4, has a fold down the centre where weeks ago you attached it to the back of your submission with a paperclip, your address is written in your own handwriting, and you’d hoped never to see it again.  Oh yes, a submission has been returned.  Gloomy face 😦

But, on picking up said envelope, it felt unusually thin….and lo, ’twas not a rejection at all, but an acceptance cleverly disguised (David Howarth from Scribble magazine very sensibly using my SAE to send his letter).   Happy face 🙂

My husband (who is now all too well aware of the significance of the dreaded brown-envelope-with-a-fold-and-familiar-handwriting) was standing by ready with tea and sympathy and was slightly perplexed when I turned out to be delighted with my mail!

But the tea was nice anyway!


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  1. My son has been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear about a job interview. Yesterday he had an email from the company that he could see from the bit visible in his inbox began with ‘I’m very sorry…’ BUT the writer was sorry for the delay and was actually writing to confirm he’s got the job!

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