What’s the best writing magazine on the market?


I need some advice from all you learned writers out there.

A lovely, kind and thoughtful friend (am I laying it on a bit thick?  It’s just that she might be reading this!) has suggested getting me a magazine subscription for my birthday.  After a rather frugal couple of years, it’s a sublime thought – a pristine copy of a writing magazine plopping through my letter box (actually, we haven’t got a letter box – which often confuses new postmen – we have a post box attached to the wall…..anyway, I digress).  The thing is, having kept my eyes averted from the magazine stands (other than occasional purchase for research purposes) for many months for fear of temptation-by-glossy, I’m not very well up on what titles are now available.  I wondered if any of you had suggestions.

In the dim and distant past, I did have Writing magazine – which, I believe, included another extra magazine called Writers News.  And then there’s Writers’ Forum, and The New Writer.

If anyone has any views on which is the best – or can think of any others – I’d be very grateful.

PS: By the way, apologies for the lack of posts recently….I’d say it was all that hay-making, but that’s done and dusted now, so no more excuses! 😉


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  1. I asked for a subscription to Writing mag for my birthday and I but Writers forum. If I had to choose one it would prob be WF as I find more things relevant to me as a womag writer.

  2. For subscribers Writing Magazine now includes Writers News within the body of the magazine. Having read both over the years I prefer Writing Mag to Writers Forum but both are very good.

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