Cover Story: ‘The People’s Friend’ Special No 76


Forwarned by the lovely people at The Friend that my story ‘The Busy Bee’ would be appearing in Special No 76 out today, I popped out to see if I could get a copy this afternoon.  Imagine my delight to discover that Leah, my heroine, is on the front cover.  And, gosh, isn’t she glamorous!  It’s always interesting – and slightly unnerving! – to see how the illustrators have chosen to depict your characters, but I’m suitably awed by the front cover.  Thanks to all at The Friend.

I see I’m in good company – with a story from the prolific Wendy Clarke fronting the Special (Wendy also has one in the weekly PF magazine too – now Wendy, that’s just greedy!).

With issue 9 of The Yellow Room ( ) having arrived on Monday, I’ve got short stories galore to catch up with – so I shall sign off now – I’ve got some reading to do.


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