The Inspiration Equation


Hypothesis: inspiration and creative output are inversely proportionate to daylight hours and sunshine!

And lo, the first week of autumnal weather brings with it the return of meetings for two local writers’ groups. Whether it is simply the power of a deadline, or the thought of an audience, but suddenly there are ideas sparking in my brain and hope that my creativity has not dried up after all!

I had tried over the summer – I did force myself to sit down with my now infuriatingly slow laptop, or better still, paper and pen, and try to write. But the characters stayed stubbornly wooden and the plot ideas always ended up in some creative cul-de-sac from which I had to perform an inelegant three point turn.

Yesterday though, I had not one but two story ideas (one provided inadvertently by a chance remark from my husband – who stared at me, perplexed, when I told him he was a genius!). Can I simply put it down to the change in weather? The anticipation of those mythical long winter evenings by the fire? Or has creativity been regenerating subconsciously over the summer months, fuelled by numerous books read and the diversion of manual labour in the garden and with the horses?

Whatever, I’m feeling strangely optimistic about my writing at the moment. And on that note, I’d better stop waffling on here and get on with it!

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  1. I found it really hard to write in the summer, Jenny. The ideas were there but not the will to make them into stories, Now September is here , along with the rain, I can squirrel myself away to write.

    • Fingers crossed for autumn and winter productivity, Wendy – I’m hoping all those half ideas that stubbornly refused to become stories will magically reinvent themselves!

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