Seasonal Storytelling


The Autumn issue of Park Publications’ Scribble magazine is out now – encompassing a wide range of genres, styles and themes. Editor David Howarth is keen to publish stories on any subject as long as there’s an intriguing plot and believable, engaging characters so this is a good market for slightly more quirky stories that might be not be suitable for the mainstream magazines. Payment is in vouchers which can be used towards future entry fees or an annual subscription, but the three best stories (as voted for by the subscribers) receive a cash prize. Far more important though is the opportunity to receive feedback from real readers via the letters page which is always extensive.

My plug for this great little magazine is not wholly altruistic, I have to admit – this issue contains one of my stories ‘Penny For the Guy’ – a rather tongue in cheek autumnal tale!

To find out more about writing for Scribble or to subscribe, visit

Oh, and if you do subscribe – don’t forget to vote! Your feedback is invaluable.



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    • It’s definitely worth it – they’ll consider anything up to 3000 words, any genre – and even if you don’t get your work accepted, David will give the work a very detailed critique if you wish – so you can get feedback either way.

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