The laptop is dead; long live the laptop


It finally died. Yesterday, I got as far as the log in before my aged laptop went “plink” and that was that. No matter how much I tried to coax it back into life, it had clearly gone to silicon heaven [Remember Red Dwarf? On being told there was no silicon heaven – Kryten: Then where do all the calculators go?] So, after much chewing of lip (car needs MOT this month…I should be sensible with cash), it was off to..ahem…a well known purveyor of electronic goods…where I was able to take advantage of a sale offer price on a product I actually wanted, which was actually in stock. Amazing!

As a result, yesterday evening and some of today was spent laboriously “syncing” and “uploading” and “downloading” and of course, trying to fathom how Windows 8 works. Laptop the younger is sleek and lightweight, and the keys feel lovely to the touch. It is a smidgen smaller than my old one (deliberately, as I want it to be portable enough to take with me when I’m away from home), but the keyboard feels bigger and more comfortable to use which bodes well for comfortable composition.

But it’s a sad/happy upgrade; laptop the elder has had a decent innings – it’s been through several novel attempts, countless short stories, not to mention my MA. Locked away in its old, broken hard drive [from the dropping incident a couple of years back] may be gems I’ve forgotten, and probably a lot of tosh! Probably salvageable from this hard drive are some other bits and bobs – but I’ve learned by my mistakes and everything of importance is on Dropbox now.

Fingers crossed then that the shiny new laptop lasts as well, and that there’s plenty of inspiration in its tactile keys. I’m hoping for a long and fruitful partnership…particularly as I still need to pay for that MOT! πŸ˜‰


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  1. Don’t get me started on Windows 8 or Windows hate as I believe its known as! I hated it so much my husband put on a thing called Classic Shell which makes it work like Windows 7. I love my new laptop as well though.

    • Oh dear! Am I going to hate it? I’m rather childishly amused by it so far – but I’m worried that I’ll waste valuable writing time playing with all the gadgets and gizmos!

    • Pretty much all the writing-related stuff was already on Dropbox, so that’s fine – I’ve probably lost a few photos and some music and such like, but I imagine I can get someone to get all the stuff off my hard drive for a small fee! It’s the (broken) old hard drive (from the original dropping incident last year!) which might have contained some hidden gems. Ah well! πŸ˜‰

      • What a relief! I’m dreading mine packing up, I’m sure the end is near. I have some stuff backed up on an external hard drive not not everything. Must look into some sort of cloud system!

      • I does make life easier – though I had to disable my firewall in order to download all the stuff which I’d stored on Dropbox back onto my new laptop – which took yonks!

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