Alternative ways to get into print (with apologies to Graham Joyce)


The latest issue of Writers’ Forum arrived in the post on Monday, but I didn’t get a chance to have a look through it until last night. Chuffed to see they’ve used my butchering of Graham Joyce’s The Year of the Ladybird as this month’s “First Draft” piece, for which I win £25!

Maybe this is the kind of thing I should explore further. I’ve never been one for writing letters to magazines, or sending in anecdotes, or photos or what have you – I’ve just concentrated on the short stories. But perhaps I’m missing an opportunity here. It was great fun doing through a text and deliberately introducing lots of errors – and not an overly time consuming exercise – so well worth the effort.

The fiction magazines must be inundated with story submissions, but there are of course plenty of other opportunities to get in print. I have a friend who frequently writes letters and other short pieces for the women’s magazines, and sees quite a few published. Pro rata, I imagine the fee is quite attractive too! 😉


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