The Power of Love


Just received a belated Christmas gift from one of my close friends – wooden letters that spell out the word ‘LOVE’. On the back of the pack, there’s a small label which reads “WARNING: This is for decorative use only.” Am I the only person to be somewhat nonplussed by this? What other use might you believe these letters had? And in what way might this other use be deemed so dangerous that one needs to be warned about it?

Perhaps the firm that makes these blocks has received complaints in the past that the letters didn’t do anything. “I put LOVE on my mantelpiece and, to date, nothing has happened. No knight in shining armour has appeared at my door. No mountain of cards on Valentine’s Day. Not so much as a snog at the office Christmas party. I want my money back.”

Or, perhaps, “Don’t think much of these letter blocks – I can only spell LOVE and VOLE.” [OK, I’m probably leaving myself open to comments pointing out all the other possible words you can spell with these letter….!]

Or did people try to use the blocks to print letters, only to discover they came out backwards?

Enough silliness. Talking of love…over at Helen Yendall’s blog recently ( she mentioned a competition being run by Mills & Boon (Tempted to Write), which started last Monday. The idea is you answer a fresh question on Facebook each weekday for two weeks regarding your modern romance story, and then you have to write up your story (max 10,000 words). Well, I’ve had a go at each of the questions so far, though my previous M&B attempts have ended in failure so I’m far from convinced it’s a genre I can crack! If nothing else, it’s a useful writing exercise – the discipline of having to write even a short piece every day has got to be good, hasn’t it? And it’s fun reading other writer’s posts.

In our belated Christmas present swapping session, another lovely friend has given me a Mslexia writer’s diary – so I have no excuse now for not getting organised. Hopefully this will stop me doing stupid things like entering the same story for a competition twice… Doh!


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