Thank heaven all that writing’s done, now I can get on with the housework…!


I know…I know… You’re thinking, “What’s this woman on??” But honestly, it’s been such a busy week, I really do fancy doing something else but writing!

OK, so it was a pretty busy week at work too. But each evening, there’s been the commitment to write a piece for Mills & Boon’s ‘Tempted to Write’ competition. I’m not quite sure if missing a day disqualifies you from entering the competition (I find it hard to believe it does), but once you’ve started something like that, you feel obliged to complete it. So there I’ve been, each weekday evening for the last two weeks, coming up with a plausible paragraph or two to answer that day’s question. It’s not like it’s a huge amount of writing (there’s not even a word count), but it’s the scary thing that writers often need and always dread – the immediate deadline. They release the question in the morning, I’m at work all day, I come home, read the question, and try to think of something. Now. This minute. Got to be done. It’s been a slog, to be honest – but it’s proved something to me. I’ve written every day without fail – even if it’s only a tiny amount – even when I’ve had other things to do too. Deadlines – evil, but so, so helpful.

And then of course there was the Great British Write Off competition. I’d had an idea for that for a while. Had been beavering away at it on and off (ok, mostly off). But, of course – when did I end up finishing it? Last night, 11pm. Once again, the pressure of a deadline.

And then there was my writers’ group meeting on Wednesday, for which there was both the writing of my own piece and the reading of everyone else’s. And then there’s – not only has my little teapot story had over 400 hits now, but Rob at Readwave has invited me to be a Staff Reviewer – so I’m reading other people’s work for the site too.

Of course, something’s had to give in all this – so a huge thank you to my lovely family this past couple of weeks for putting up with lower than average standards of catering/laundry etc. I’ll try to make amends over the weekend.

But hang on, I’ve just remembered…it’s the other Writers’ Group on Monday. I’ve a story to finish and another instalment of a longer running piece to work on… Hmm….perhaps the dusting/vacuuming/ironing etc will have to wait just a little longer. 😉


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