The loss of another short story outlet: farewell ‘The Yellow Room’


Sadly, Jo Derrick has decided to bring to an end her literary short story magazine for women, The Yellow Room.  The magazine had been in difficulty for a while, with Jo fighting against rising printing and postage costs, but recently there had been a boost from several well-supported competitions, and the future had looked a little more hopeful.

Jo says the final decision is in part owing to increased competition from online magazines.  On a Facebook post announcing the closure of The Yellow Room, Jo says, “There simply isn’t the customer base for print magazines these days. Times have changed. Self-funded small press journals may soon be a thing of the past.”

I fear she may be right, though I rather hope she isn’t entirely.  I love writing websites, and I think online platforms are a great way for the short story writer to get their work read by a large audience.  But for all the advantages of the whizzy interactive website, there is something special about holding a physical copy of a magazine – and something special about seeing your work on the printed page as opposed to a virtual one.

I wish Jo well concentrating on her own writing now, and thank her for all her hard work on The Yellow Room since 2008.  And if you’re a writer, in particular a short story writer, I urge you to support a wide range of magazines – both of the ‘e’ and print variety.  Unsupported, they will die – and with each death, our range of possible outlets becomes a little smaller.


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    • Very sad trying to go to the website and getting an error message. I feel for Jo – she’d put in so much work on the magazine. But I can understand her decision – at least now she’ll have more time to devote to her own writing. Sad for the rest of us though. And now I’ll never achieve my ambition to get a story in there!

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