Writing from the Heart


Many years ago, when I was doing my A-levels, one of my Economics teachers said to me, “The problem with you is that you put 90% of the effort in, but when it comes to that last 10% you just can’t be bothered.”  I think he might have had a point – and I don’t think I’ve changed much since!

I often think of his character analysis – especially in relation to my writing (or more likely, not writing).  After all that slog coming up with creative answers to the Mills & Boon questions each night for a fortnight, I never did submit the 10,000 word story at the end.  Just laziness?  My usual 10% lethargy?  Well, not entirely.  To put it in Economics terms, I did a cost benefit analysis, and decided it wasn’t worth it.  I had too many other writing projects on simultaneously, and something had to give.  The thing is, my heart wasn’t in it – and when you’re writing ‘romance’ clearly that’s a bit of an issue.

While I was still pondering writing the story (having roughed out the characters/plot etc.), I decided I ought to do a bit of research into the M&B ‘Modern Tempted’ series – and I came to the conclusion it simply wasn’t for me.  The settings all seem to be wildly exotic, the heroes all powerful multi-millionaires, and to be honest, some of the plots didn’t seem to be terribly….well, romantic.  To my mind, romance and true love are found in the everyday small details – the personal touches, the things that make you smile, or tug at your heart – not the grandiose gestures which seem more about display.

So, many congrats to Kara Marshall, who won the #TemptedToWrite competition – and to all the other writers who managed to complete the task!  Meanwhile, I’m concentrating on writing which I feel comes from my heart – currently some pieces for my local writers’ groups, and my entry for the Good Housekeeping novel competition at the end of the month (go to: http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk/news/novel-competition-2014 for more info). Fingers crossed I make it to 100% this time!


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