To do Lists, Reading Lists and Long Lists


Some time ago I mentioned getting a Mslexia Writer’s Diary – just thought I out to point out how useful it is.  Not only is there interesting info about awards and competitions, tips from writers, a submissions section and so forth, but the layout of the diary is perfect.  The right hand page is a week to view, and the left hand page is blank for to-do lists, scribbles, or jotting down ideas.  I’ve never really thought about it before, but this is definitely the kind of layout I’ll be looking for in future diaries.  Simple, but perfectly effective.

In the diary, I have started making notes of story competitions, and the dates by which the results of these competitions will be released, so that I know when I’ve been unsuccessful and thus when I can think about placing the story somewhere else.  So, I’d written off my entry for the InkTears 2013 short story comp at the end of Feb.  Then lo and behold, an email reveals the long list has only just been published, and yay, my story No Conferring has made it.  It’s a very long, long-list – you can go to the InkTears website to view the full list: – so I appreciate it’s unlikely I’ll make the cut in the end, but am chuffed to have reached this stage!

It probably didn’t escape your notice that it was World Book Day yesterday, and so there was the usual spate of articles listing all the top books you ought to have read, or might like to think about reading in the future.  I like this one, which is for young adults (probably because I’m a bit adolescent myself), not least because it has several of my own favourites on it, including Jane Eyre:


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    • Thanks Wendy. I’d written ‘Not placed’ in my submissions notebook against that particular entry, so I’ve had to amend to ‘long listed’. (Probably ought to think about having a spreadsheet for submissions, but I love my little notebook so can’t bring myself to give it up.) Bit of a boost after a string of ‘Not placed’s!

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