Acceptance, rejection, and a short list


It’s been a week or two of contrasting fortunes writing-wise for me.  Had a piece of flash fiction rejected by 100 Word Story (boo!), a short story accepted by Woman’s Weekly (BIG hooray!), and an email confirming I’ve been short-listed in the Writer’s Forum monthly competition (nail-biting hooray!).

The rejection was very sweetly phrased, so I can’t possibly grumble.  If you’d like to have a go at submitting your own 100 word story, pop along to their website:  and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter (

The Woman’s Weekly acceptance was a real boost – not least because they got back to me so quickly.  This is really, really appreciated.  Writing teaches you great patience, as busy editors often take months to read and respond.  Having said that, I have great respect for editors such as David Howarth at Scribble magazine, and Shirley Blair at The People’s Friend who take the trouble to provide a detailed feedback on rejected stories.  This kind of criticism is invaluable – and I’m happy to wait for their feedback.

But I’ll certainly need some patience while I wait to see if I’ve been placed in the Writer’s Forum comp – if you don’t hear from me for a bit, you’ll know it’s because I’ve nibbled my nails down to nothing, and it’s too painful to type! 😉


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