Jenny Roman is 100!


WordPress tells me that this is my 100th post on this blog. In celebration of this mini milestone, I’ve decided to include a daft piece of flash fiction I wrote some time ago as part of an exercise for one of my writers’ groups.

I love flash fiction – love the challenge of trying to cram as much as possible into so few words. I always think it’s paradoxically easier to write when there are lots of restrictions – either word count, or topic, or perhaps key words to be included, or maybe the style. Somehow having to be creative within boundaries works for me. I come unstuck when it’s free choice. My mind just goes blank.

I’ve had a go at a few 100 word pieces – some quite dark – but this one is just a bit of nonsense. For fun. 😉



I’m looking for my football when I find him. He says, ‘Take me to your leader.’

I imagine us catching the train to London, where even his green skin and three-pronged antennae will attract almost no attention. I picture us walking to Downing Street, the conversation I’ll have with the police guard. David Cameron coming out to greet us on the steps of No 10; Nick Cleg behind him and just a little to the left. The cameras flashing.

I wrinkle my nose. ‘How about I just take you to meet my mum?’

The alien seems happy with that.




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