Online Cliché Finder!


I feel sure I have blogged about this before, but I’ve seen a couple of queries recently asking for suggestions of software which can proofread or check for clichés in your work, so I thought it was worth mentioning again a site I’ve found useful in this respect. is billed as a robotic copy editor.  All you have to do is cut and paste a chunk of your work into EditMinion, and press “edit” – magically, it will then highlight poor writing, such as weak words, passive voice, and clichés. (It shows all these in separate bright colours, to make each issue stand out.)

It highlights some things I wouldn’t worry about (such as “said” – seeking replacements which are more flowery, in my opinion something which isn’t necessary) and your use of passive voice might be entirely deliberate in some instances – but at least it may alert you to issues you’d not previously been aware of (repetition, in my case!) and allows you to make a conscious decision whether to address it.

It’s also rather fun – and you can always amuse yourself typing in the work of some great literary master and seeing what comes up….! :0)




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