E-publishing with a twist – Twitter style!


David Mitchell (not the comedian, the other David Mitchell, author of one of my favourite novels Black Swan Green) has recently joined Twitter, and yesterday he started tweeting his story #THERIGHTSORT…  Yes, that’s right – telling the entire story (which has been written especially for the medium of Twitter) in bite sized chunks.  It’s a bizarrely compulsive sort of reading. And, as he is a master of the narrative voice, it’s completely absorbing.  I thought it might be irritating reading the wrong way up, as it were – scrolling to the next tweet, but it’s not a problem, just gives that extra element of suspense.  Of course, I’ve been catching up, and therefore reading a chunk at a time, which helps.

It might be a bit gimmicky, and clearly it’s designed to be a good bit of publicity before the launch of his new book, The Bone Clocks in September, but perhaps this is another stage in the evolution of the short story – such a versatile creature adapting to a variety of new media.

I’m even tempted to have a go myself.  Quite a challenge, chopping up one’s prose into lengths of no more than 140 characters!

If you want to read #THERIGHTSORT for yourself, look for tweets starting from yesterday @david_mitchell.


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