Revisions, revisions!


Apologies for the lack of posts recently.  I wish I could say it was because I was busily working on a great new writing project, but I’m afraid it’s my usual summer dip when hay making and horses take priority.

But that’s not to say that there’s not been a bit of scribbling going on in the background.  In fact, one piece in particular has been occupying a considerable amount of my writing and re-writing time, and that is a story I originally sent to Woman’s Weekly back in May.  The story itself started life last year when I had an idea for a scenario, but couldn’t decide from which character’s point of view it should be written.  I experimented with several different voices before settling on one which seemed right for the piece, but the storyline refused to develop, so I put the whole thing away for a while to concentrate on other projects.  In the spring, I re-read the beginning, liked it and wanted to push it to a conclusion.  I finished a first draft, ran it past one of my local writers’ groups for feedback, and made some amends – then sent it off.

The good people at WW said, “We like it, but…”  They listed a few things they had issues with, and asked me to take another look.  So I took another look and sent it back.  The amends I made threw up some more queries from the WW team, so back to the keyboard I went.

This time, I made some more fundamental changes, and ran the re-written piece past the long-suffering people at Writers’ group yet again.

WW said there were still some problems.  But I was impressed that at this stage they didn’t simply say, “Do you know what, Jenny, just forget it!”

I waited a bit, pondering various amends and additions as I stacked hay or mucked out!  I concentrated on the end section of the story where the main problems seemed to lie.  The thing was, despite all the extra work, I loved my characters – I wanted them to make it, to exist on the printed page.

I developed, re-wrote and amended.  By now the story had expanded considerably.  I worried it might now be too long and unwieldy.  But there was nothing obvious to cut.  So I sent it off again.

And waited.

By now I had convinced myself that, despite the faith of the WW team, and all my work on it, this story was fundamentally flawed.  I fretted about other issues they might raise with the new, new version.  In my mind, I think I’d almost written it off.

So it was with absolute joy that I received an acceptance email this week!  Although it’s been a bit of a slog, the story has definitely benefited from the extra work – so a big thank you to Clare and the team at WW for asking for the re-writes, not simply rejecting it at the outset.

To say I’m looking forward to seeing it in print would be an understatement!





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