Writing: Space, Time and Energy


Ok, ok, I admit it.  I’ve been bad.  I’ve neglected this blog, and – worse – I’ve neglected my writing altogether for far too long.  I have excuses.  You probably don’t want to hear them.  They’re the usual: been busy with the day job/the summer is a time for being outside in the garden, and with the horses and so forth.  And a large chunk of time and energy has been spent helping step-daughter the elder move out of our house and set up home with her boyfriend (so proud of them – in two weeks, they’ve managed to make their first place look more homely than my first house ever did!).

The knock on benefit for me is the second bedroom at our house is now the guest room-stroke-writing room for me!  Amazing what you can achieve with a couple of coats of paint and a cheap off-cut of carpet! (Thanks to long suffering OH for doing the actual painting/carpet laying.)

2014-09-30 20.58.39  2014-09-30 20.59.17

Now I have no excuse.  I have a perfect space in which to compose great works (a-hem!).  We’re off on holiday at the end of the week to re-charge our batteries (chalet on the beach at Branscombe, Devon – just the sound of the waves and no responsibilities for a week – bliss!), but on my return, I’m determined to knuckle down.  In fact, I have high hopes for the writing on holiday – last year I had a couple of story ideas, one of which turned into “Sleeps Four” which was recently accepted by Woman’s Weekly, so hopefully Devon will be similarly inspiring.

I’m also pondering the idea of doing NANOWRIMO again this year.  I’ve not done it for a while, and I can’t really see I have an excuse this year.  Anyone else considering it?  If you’ve not thought about it before, pop along to the website for more info: http://nanowrimo.org

It might help if I could come up with a novel idea (in both senses of the word!), so I’ll have my thinking cap on while I’m away. I’m also acutely aware I owe both my local writers’ groups finished stories after my pathetic half-draft attempts recently.  Sorry guys.  Hope to be back on track after the hols!  🙂





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