And they’re off! #NANOWRIMO


Day 1: Gulp.  Blank page, always very daunting.  And that vague sense that perhaps you should not have wasted October idly chatting about the possibility of doing NANO,  or designing a mock up cover to upload to the site, but rather should have concentrated on building a proper plot line etc.

But hey, we begin anyway.  So far, 1920 words (satisfyingly coming up as 1930 words when uploaded to the site owing the vagaries of word count systems).  I could stop here, or I could try to do more, thus building myself a nice fat “word cushion” (as a friend and fellow past-Nano-er has just described it) for the rest of the week when I’ll no doubt be much less productive.  I am trying to keep the pace slow initially to give me time to develop character and storyline, but with sufficient hooks to keep the reader (and me) interested.

This is the first year when I didn’t already have a strong feeling about the opening sentence or scene – so the first few lines were probably the hardest.  Now I have a tone for the book, and a sense of place, and am slowly drip feeding little pieces of backstory info into the current narrative.  So far so good.  But I suspect there’s trouble ahead – probably somewhere around day 4 or 5!

If you’re NANOing too, best of luck out there.  Keep the faith, and if you have the time, let me know how you’re getting on.  🙂

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