‘Write-On!’ in Shropshire


Annemarie Riggs from ‘Write-On!’, a writing group in Bayston Hill, kindly invited me to attend their Reading Evening which took place last night. The idea of the evening was to bring together Shropshire writers to share their work and meet fellow writers and readers. The event was well attended, and there were lots of great readings, both by members of the Write-On! group and other local writers.

The latter included children’s author, Catherine Cooper, whose fantasy adventure books are set firmly in the Shropshire landscape (for more info, visit her website: http://www.pengridion.co.uk/). Catherine has previously given a talk at one of our local writers’ group meetings, giving us the benefit of her experience writing and marketing the hugely successful Jack Brenin series. (Believe me, this is a writer who lives and breathes her work!)

Also reading a “PG” extract (!) from one of her paranormal romance novels, was Diane Saxon (http://dianesaxon.com/) who coincidentally will be coming to talk to our writers’ group in a couple of weeks.

Malcolm Castle entertained us with an extract from one of his humorous books based on his lengthy experience as a Shropshire fireman – beautifully read with some cracking accents! (See http://www.malcolm-castle.co.uk/ for more about the series.)

And then it was my turn. Gulp!  After all these slick professionals, it was me and a short story. I chose to read “Cheque Mate”, developed from an original POV exercise (which also spawned “Piece of Cake”, published a while back by The Weekly News). And thankfully, the audience seemed to enjoy it – at least, they laughed in all the right places, and clapped at the end, which I think I can safely regard as positive feedback!

So, I’d like to thank Annemarie and everyone who attended for an interesting and entertaining evening.  Looking forward to the next one in October. 🙂

NB: In addition to the reading evenings, “Write-On!” meets at 7.15pm on the 4th Monday of every month in the lounge of the Beeches pub in Bayston Hill.


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