New Home, New County, New Collection!


Forgive my long e-absence! I can explain! You see, it’s been all change here, with a house move and indeed a county move (well, more accurately, a return to a previous county). As you can imagine, the upheaval left little time for all things writing-related, but now we are settled in our new home, I hope to be back on track.

I have though been working on my next short story collection which will be published on Kindle – this time, it’s a longer collection of 12 short stories, each of which has had some success (long-listed, short-listed, highly commended or placed) in a range of writing competitions. The collection includes a variety of narrative voices, genres and styles, but the stories have been selected to fit loosely around the themes of love, death and deception. As you might guess, some are on the dark side, whilst others have a more humorous slant.

Once again, I have a super cover designed by Shar at Landofawes (find her on – which I feel I can now reveal! After rejecting my original idea (too complicated, too difficult to translate concept into reality), between us we came up with the image below. The medal image was chosen for three reasons:

  1. to reflect the idea of each of the stories having been successful in a competitive way – even if not all of them have actually been placed in competitions;
  2. the heroine in one of the stories is a runner, and the image of her medal collection occurs in the story; and of course
  3. the launch of the collection coinciding with the 2016 Olympics!

So here it is:


I’d love to know what you think.






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