It’s Official! – “Beyond Words” Launch Day


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We might not be entering the glorious heat wave we were promised, but nil desperandum (as my mother used to say) – thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the official launch of my new short story collection Beyond Words is taking place in the always gloriously sunny virtual world of the internet. I’ll be hosting at the dual venues of this blog and my Facebook author page, so please pop along, find out all about the book, and help yourself to a virtual coffee and cake, or Bucks Fizz and a vol-au-vent, as takes your fancy!

As followers of this blog will know, over the last few years I’ve switched focus from submitting stories to magazines (though I still do some of that too) to entering story competitions. Competitions tend to encourage a wider range of themes and genres than some of the magazines currently accepting story submissions (most of which are aimed solely at women’s fiction), so I’ve enjoyed exploring some areas which I wouldn’t have been able to touch on for the magazine market.

Beyond Words is a collection of 12 stories, all of which have had some success in story competitions. Of course, I hope readers will think they are a jolly good read in their own right, but I also thought the collection might be of use to anyone new to the competition scene who might like to see the kinds of stories which have worked for me. At the back of the collection, I’ve provided a list of each story and the competition (or in some cases, competitions) in which it was short-listed, placed etc.  It’s available from the Amazon Kindle Store at:

The stories I chose to make up the collection are loosely grouped around the themes of love, death, and deception – but it would be wrong to think there was a downbeat tone to the book. There’s lots of humour too – even if it’s sometimes rather dark. There’s also an emphasis on different narrative voices and styles.

I’m here all morning to talk about the collection, and I’d love to hear from you (please add comments at the bottom of this post, or pop along to my Facebook page to comment there), whether it’s to ask a question about the collection, or to talk about story competitions more generally.

Lastly, if you’d like to read some of my work before you decide whether Beyond Words is for you, I’ve made my previous collection of three stories, The Camel in the Garden, FREE to download for the next four days .

I hope you enjoy both collections – and please get in touch if you have any comments on either. I’d really love your feedback.


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