Ode on an Impending Deadline


I have to write a story
The deadline’s put me on the spot
But I haven’t got a title
And I haven’t got a plot

My characters are shadows
Their motivations weak
The dialogue is stilted –
That’s not how people speak!

The word-count’s looking healthy
But all I’ve done is set the scene
It’s backstory and padding –
I’m the exposition queen!

The tale needs some drama
We need to feel the MC’s yearning
So the empathetic reader
Will keep those pages turning

It also needs some pace
Scene changes! Witty repartee!
‘Cos frankly at the moment
It’s boring even me

My writing tutor’s voice
In my head shouts “Show don’t tell”
Perhaps I’ll draw a picture
It would probably work as well

I’d wait for inspiration
But it never comes on time
So perhaps I’ll ditch the story
And just write a little rhyme!



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