A Poem for National Poetry Day


As you may already know, today is National Poetry Day – you can find out more here on the website: http://nationalpoetryday.co.uk/

In honour of this occasion, I thought it was about time I dusted off my most successful poem – winner of last year’s Writing magazine new subscribers poetry competition – and (having checked the competition post-publication rules!) reproduced it here for your entertainment.


The Midnight Demons

The smallest thing can start them off
A passing car, a spouse’s cough
A hot duvet, a touch of cramp
The light from a forgotten lamp

You struggle in your fleeting dream
Where things are not the way they seem
And surface into consciousness
In twisted bedclothes, restlessness

A deep desire to know the time
The thought of that day’s missed deadline
The chance of sleep is dead and gone
And that is when the demons come

They magnify each tiny fear
The barbed word you weren’t meant to hear
The torture of your crass mistakes
A thousand faults keep you awake

You toss and turn, all comfort gone
The demons raise the volume on
The ticking clock, the humming fridge
Your snoring spouse, the buzzing midge

You pull the covers around your head
Your pulse beats hard against the bed
Think happy thoughts, try counting sheep
Anything to get to sleep

But the demons won’t release their grip
Thoughts crowd in, your heartbeat skips
You’ll never ever get to sleep…
…next thing you hear: the alarm clock bleep

Your routine leaves no time to dwell
On pointless worry; a broken spell
The demons banished without a fight
Until, that is, the coming night…


If you would like more info on the competitions hosted by Writing magazine, you can visit their website here: https://www.writers-online.co.uk/writing-competitions/



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