The Horses at Our Paddock Gates


Decided not to write about writing and stories today but instead, on the theme of “At the Paddock Gate” (my horsey short story collection for grown-ups), I thought I’d tell you a little bit about our own equine friends.

First is the cover star, Deemon Whirlwind (aka Dizzy Whizzy!). Whizzy is 10 years old, is half Arab and half Appaloosa, and was originally bred for endurance riding (in fact, as a youngster he won his first competitive endurance ride, and was placed in a few others).  There are a couple of adorable clips of him as a foal on YouTube here and here. Now he has a much more sedate life with me – though we’ve clocked up quite a few miles over the last few years, over Cannock Chase, and around the country lanes of Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Next we have Musket, my step-daughter’s pony, the oldest member of our equine family at 22. He’s absolutely worth his weight in gold. Totally reliable and yet great fun to hack, and back in the day, he was a super jumper (I frequently stole him to take to shows and events while my step-daughter was at school or university). He’s turned his hoof to pretty much everything in his time – showing, jumping, working-hunter, pleasure rides, and even adult mounted games. The only thing he doesn’t enjoy is dressage and schooling. As far as he’s concerned, going round in circles is utterly pointless.

Lastly we have our little equine-lawn-mower, the pocket-rocket who is Fofsway Rowena (aka Edna). Edna is half Welsh Section B, and used to be a proper working girl – she was a riding school pony for a number of years, but as she was quite ‘sharp’ as they say, she did tend to frighten the less experienced kids, hence she ended up coming to us. We did some showing with her when she was younger, which was great fun, but now she’s 20, she has a very easy life with us. Her favourite things in life are food, flirting with the boys (it makes no difference to her that they are both geldings!), food, having a good rub against any available object (fence post, stable door, human), oh and did I mention food?

And yes, I know just how lucky I am to have these lovely horses in my life – probably the luckiest girl in the world! 😉

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