MISSING: Have you seen my Mojo?


So here I am starting with an apology – after all my good intentions at the start of the year, I’ve not managed to keep up with this blog for the last few weeks and I thought I owed you an explanation. Here are my three main reasons.

1) I’m still working on my latest short story collection (pony stories for tweens – sorry, don’t have a title yet, you know how I struggle with those!) – and it’s taking a little more time than I had hoped (and a little more emotional energy than I’d expected, if I’m honest). Much of this is to do with deciding that what I had originally drafted simply wasn’t good enough. I’ve re-written a couple of stories and abandoned some completely. I’ve also written some new ones, and while I’m pleased with them, I’ve still got a fair bit of work to do on them. Since I want to get a full draft finished very soon, obviously this work is taking up a good chunk of writing time at the moment.

2) It’s spring, the days are longer and lighter and, as always when this happens, I’m spending more time riding and doing maintenance jobs up at the yard. I’ve made a couple of videos of our recent hacks, so if you’re interested in those, you can find them on YouTube – the link to this morning’s hack out is here.

3) Like a lot of people, I’ve found this lockdown harder to deal with than the previous ones. Not sure if that’s down to the time of year, or simply that my resilience seems to be waning after a year of COVID restrictions. I know I’ve got nothing to complain about in comparison with so many people who have been hugely affected by this horrible virus, and I know we’re all in the same boat, but for the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to generate any enthusiasm for anything. Yes, I’m still writing and riding and chatting to my friends on Skype etc. but my mojo has definitely gone to ground. All my efforts have been directed at the things I absolutely must do and, as a result, this blog has suffered. I also feel slightly guilty that, as I’m still posting stuff on social media – usually the carefully edited, positive bits, I’m adding to the problem of the internet being full of false perfect lives which is no help to other people who are similarly struggling. I suppose that we are trying to convince ourselves as much as anyone else.

So, apologies once again for the radio silence. The sun is shining (at the moment) and the end of lockdown is tantalising close, so I’m sure I’ll snap out of it soon. In the meantime, I hope you’re doing OK, and if you are similarly mojo-less for no particular reason, just remember that’s OK too.

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