The Camel in the Garden contains three short stories about women facing challenging family situations. Each has previously been published in Woman’s Weekly Fiction Specials, and explores themes of loss, love and family.

Five Per Cent
Juggling work and family commitments is always tricky, but when you want to be a mum 100%, there’s not much left over for simply being you.

Sleeps Four
Louise wanted this family holiday to be special, but it’s tough on a budget. With a cantankerous mother and a teenage daughter who’s all but welded to her phone, at first the cramped cottage seems anything but ideal.

The Camel in the Garden
When son Ollie finds a camel in the garden of their new home, Sally doesn’t expect it to lead to romance. But can she manage the conflicting loyalties of being a newly single mum?

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The Camel in the Garden: Three short stories about loss, love and family

What readers have said:

‘These short stories are beautifully written and the reader can easily identify with all the characters. They are heart warming but not in a fluffy sense. Jenny has a lovely way of writing that brings the surroundings and characters to life.’

‘A delightfully easy read which leaves you wanting more. Jenny has a wonderful style of writing and manages to wring out all the emotions with these little tasters of her talent.  Great stuff – keep them coming. I don’t often give five stars but this small collection thoroughly merited that level.’

‘I like the author’s style: the way the characters are described show their human vulnerability; the places they inhabit are deftly drawn but leave room for the reader to use their imagination. I would happily recommend these stories to all of my friends.’

‘I have never been one to read short stories but I thought I would give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. What lovely stories and all of them you could relate to’

‘Brilliant short stories, you get pulled into the characters immediately, I can’t wait to read more.’

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