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Special Offer for Storytelling Week


Who doesn’t love hearing a story told to them? Whether you’re a child listening with rapt attention to a bedtime story made up for you by your parents, or you’re an adult listening to an audio book in the car on the daily commute, there’s something magical about being told a story. As someone who reads quite quickly, and not always very carefully (in fact, sometimes I skim read – a terrible admission for a writer!), listening to a story sometimes helps me pick up nuances and details I’d otherwise have missed.

Well, this great oral tradition is celebrated during National Storytelling Week which this year runs from 28th January to 4th February. You can find out all about it here:


I’m afraid I don’t yet have any audio versions of my stories, though there are lots of other out there, such as Patsy Collins’ story “Uncle Mick” available to listen to here:

Not to be outdone though, in honour of all things short-story related, my collection The Camel in the Garden is free to download from Amazon Kindle this weekend.

If you take the opportunity to download it, you could always read it to someone else! And if you like the stories, and had time to leave a brief Amazon review, I’d be ever so grateful.

Thank you – and happy reading!


Keeping up with the writing calendar


Alas, as so often seems to happen to me, I notice something writing-related too late to be of any earthly use.  Today is the last day of National Storytelling Week http://www.sfs.org.uk/national-storytelling-week – with events having been organised around the country to encourage communities to create and enjoy storytelling.  I suppose this is to prose writing what Roger McGough’s ethos is to poetry – encouraging the spoken word, the live telling of stories, rather than merely reading the words on the page in your head.  I think it’s a fab idea – though suspect I personally would be awful at it.  (You know when someone records the sound of your voice, and you can’t believe it’s you?  Ugh….cringe-making!)

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be more on the ball as a writer.  It’s no use just sitting at my desk, tapping away oblivious to everything else.  I need to be keeping an eye on what’s going on in the wider world, taking note of literary festivals,  forthcoming competitions, and special writing occasions.  I need to be thinking ahead and doing a bit more forward planning.

In short, I need to be more professional – and I probably need a writing calendar.  But should this be paper-based or electronic?  And will I remember to keep it updated?  I clearly need to go away and think about this further.  In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions for excellent writing calendars which are already out there, please let me know!  😉