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In NANO revision, no-one can hear you scream…


So, it’s like this: I completed my 50,000 word draft for NANOWRIMO back in November.  I told myself I would put it aside for the whole of December (which was just as well given the whole Christmas thing…) and in the new year, with the perspective which comes with distance, I’d pick it up again, and start work in earnest knocking it into shape.  Well, we’re now two days into the new year, and have I joyously re-read my draft? Have I fixed the holes in the plot?  Eradicated the contradictions?  Er….what do you think?

Partly this is my usual procrastination.  There’s no better housewife than a writer with revisions to do.  I can find all manner of other jobs which absolutely need to be done before I can even think about sitting down with such a big project as a whole novel.  I’ve written my piece for one of the writers’ groups.  I’ve subbed a story to one of the women’s mags.  I’ve even taken down the Christmas decorations.  But I’ve not touched the novel.

I wish it were just laziness – the awful thought of having to come up with solutions to the problems I know currently exist with the book.  But it’s more than that – it’s fear.  The whole joy of NANO is the liberation in putting your inner editor to one side and simply getting on with the writing.  But now I have to invite the inner editor back.  And I’m scared that when I start reading, she’s going to hate the whole thing.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I’ll make a start.  Maybe.  Unless I can find some ironing to do… 😉

Online Novel Writing Course – Enrol before 19th Jan for cut price fees


One of the great things about belonging to a writers’ group is picking up lots of info about competitions, talks from established writers, special offers and so forth, so I have to say a thank you (thanks, Mark!) for the following info.

The Writers Bureau has started a new online college, and currently has a novel writing course up for grabs for the amazing price of £19! I couldn’t resist, and have just signed up. I’ve not yet looked at any of the materials in detail, but there are 10 modules (covering the process of actually writing the novel, as well as publishing options, and promotion issues), and you can take up to 12 months to complete the course.

If you’ve made it a resolution to write a novel this year, this course might provide a helpful framework to get you started – or some support if you’re flagging at the half-way stage. If you’re interested, sign up before 19th Jan – after which the price goes up to £99.

For more info: http://onlinelearningcircle.co.uk/course/novel-writing