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Flash Fiction – One in a Million!


If you’re a writer of short stories or flash fiction, you may be interested in the “One Million Stories Creative Writing Project” at:


As their homepage states, “It is our mission to discover, select and showcase some of the very best new short fiction being written today, and then publish it right here for you to enjoy…”

They have a specific page dedicated to flash fiction, called The Sharp End and they have just published my 100 word piece, “Sunburn”:


The One Million Stories Project is open for submissions now. They are looking for anything between 50-5,000 words.  Check out their guidelines here:


And of course, if you like my flash piece, you might want to read my short story collection Beyond Words available here:



The Brown Envelope of Doom



The postman’s come too early
Before I’m quite prepared
I hear the clunk
My heart has sunk
Can’t look – I’m just too scared

There was me starting to think
This story had a chance
Success, good news
And rave reviews
And a six figure advance!

The envelope’s now battered
It lies there on the mat
The fold I made
Clearly displayed –
The boomerang is back

I sigh and read the letter
It’s short and oh so clear:
Not right for us
Don’t make a fuss
Good luck in your ‘career’

Update submission tracker
Compose a witty tweet
I’ll count to ten
And start again
And I won’t admit defeat!