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Support Networks for Writers


For those of us in the Midlands, it’s been a week of proper winter weather – snow and freezing temperatures has made those everyday journeys suddenly ridiculously difficult. One evening in particular, we had a sudden heavy snowfall and, in the space of a few minutes, the roads went from perfectly passable to treacherous.

We happened to be out in the weather at the time, driving back home through the neighbouring village. Our old Volvo (with almost a quarter of a million miles on the clock!) is four wheel drive and did us proud, but we came across several stranded cars and others wheel-spinning on the ice. We ended up pulling over and helping push several vehicles to get them on their way. There was a real feeling of camaraderie as we, and other passers-by, joined in. It seemed particularly appropriate given the time of year – it being almost the season of goodwill!

It also made me think about support networks and goodwill in general. Us writers can be a little insular at times, but that’s not to say we don’t need (and value) the network of people around us who help us do what we do. Our families, who accept that often we will be busy scribbling alone, and who take an interest in what we do without perhaps really understanding why we bother doing it! Our friends, who take the time to read those dodgy first drafts and make useful comments, or who are quick to provide a hug when things are not going so well. And the wider writing community who are so ready to offer support and encouragement.

Put a post on Facebook about a problem you’re having with your writing and in no time there’ll be a string of comments from other writers telling you they’ve experienced something similar, or offering advice. If you post about a rejection, you’ll get commiserations. If you post about a writing success (however modest) you’ll soon be inundated with generous and humbling congratulatory messages.

So if you find yourself wheel-spinning on your writing journey, don’t worry – just shout, and someone will soon be along to give you a push. And if your writing road is looking pretty clear, don’t forget to pay it forward – in lots of little ways:

  1. tell someone if you like their novel/story/blog (it might be just the lift they need)
  2. tell lots of other people too!
  3. remember to leave a review (for all those people you can’t tell personally)
  4. retweet their tweets
  5. comment on or share their posts
  6. follow their blog or their author page

And most importantly, say thank you to all those who’ve done the same for you:

So, thank you, folks! I appreciate every little push! 🙂


The Writer’s Support Network


A recent comment from Wendy (of http://wendyswritingnow.blogspot.co.uk/ fame) has made me think about the valuable support network a writer needs.  Of course, established writers probably think of their understanding and encouraging editors and agents, and certainly their loyal fan base.  But for all of us, I reckon the most valuable support is from family and friends.  They’re there to give you a hug and cheer you up when that rejection letter arrives in the post.  They’re there to celebrate with you when you win that story competition.  They put up with your grumpy moods when the writing is going badly, when every word is a struggle.  They keep out of your way when you need some space to get on with it.  They’re there to welcome you back to reality when you emerge from the fictional world you’ve been inhabiting for so long.

They also provide practical assistance – little things, such as getting dinner ready, or appearing with a cup of coffee/glass of wine at just the right time, and bigger things, such as not completely freaking out when you announce you’re ditching your career and financial stability in order to….what?….write stories??

I’m indebted to my husband and his amazing attitude (“Yeah, we can manage – just want you to be happy”) and for my family for putting up with me “disappearing to my room” on a regular basis, and generally being uncommunicative!  I’m also indebted to my writing friends for empathizing when it’s going badly and sharing the joy when it’s flying.

Thanks everyone 😉