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Oh, so there are writing calendars…!


Following on from yesterday’s post, I discover, of course, that there is already a most excellent writing calendar on Sally Quilford’s blog http://writingcalendar.wordpress.com/ – this lists forthcoming writing competitions in closing date order.  Brilliant.  So that deals with part of my quest.

I still feel I should be thinking ahead and taking more account of festival dates, news items, literary promotions etc.  And I’ve started adding these kinds of things to my electronic calendar (which has of course the bonus of being able to set reminders hours, days or weeks beforehand).  But I’m quite a visual person, and still hanker after a big wall chart on which I could write (I know, write! how quaint!) important events, and see everything at a glance.  It’s daft, because I don’t really have a spare bit of wall near my writing desk for such a year planner, but I still like the idea of one.  (For one thing, unlike an electronic calendar, it couldn’t be wiped off by a piece of gadgetry malfunction!!)

So if anyone knows of a suitable wall planner which might be aimed at the creative writing community (or even a “writing diary” if such a thing exists), I’d be interested to hear about it. In the meantime, I’ll be adding e-notes nervously to my electronic calendar…!